Cadastral map! A map that visually displays information about real estate and land

Cadastral map is a map that visually represents information about real estate and land.

These maps typically show various information about land and property, such as geographic location and landowner, land size, property boundaries, topographic features, location of houses or buildings, etc.

I will summarize the purposes for which Cadastral maps are generally used.


Verify ownership

Cadastral map can identify the owner of a specific piece of land or property. And it provides a visual representation of the boundaries of the land they own. 지적도 무료열람

real estate transaction

During real estate transactions, Cadastral maps are used to confirm land boundaries and sizes and conclude transaction contracts based on agreement between buyers and sellers.

tax administration

Levy and manage real estate taxes using Cadastral maps. Real estate taxes are calculated based on the size of the land and its intended use.

Urban planning and development

Cadastral maps are used in urban and regional planning to help plan urban development, road construction, and the placement of public facilities.

natural disaster management

It is used to identify areas at risk of natural disasters and establish disaster management plans for floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc. based on topographic information of the land.

Cadastral maps are drawn up in different forms for different regions or countries.

Maintained by a public property records office or local administrative authority.

These maps provide important information to a variety of stakeholders, such as landowners and real estate traders, urban developers, government authorities and environmental management agencies.