13 Korea features! Did you know?

Hello! In this post, I will write about Korea features.

I am familiar with Korean culture because I live in Korea. But it can be fresh to foreign people.

What would be interesting to see Korea in the eyes of foreigners?

Perhaps most people already interested in Korea know it.

Korea features 13! Did you know?

Korea features

What is it?

1. Men’s cosmetics

Many Korean men wear makeup. Korean men are interested in skin care. So a variety of men’s cosmetics are developed.

In particular, Korea has many idol groups. Idols really make up their makeup.
So some people actually follow.

It doesn’t overdo makeup as much as stage makeup. Do it naturally.

In Korea, I think men should also care for their skin. So Korean men moisturize their face or get rid of blemishes a lot.

Many men actually go to dermatology, and even middle-aged men in their 40s go to get rid of blemishes on their faces.

2. Cosmetic Surgery

I heard that the Korean plastic surgery technology is the best in the world.

Even in China or Japan, they come to Korea and do plastic surgery.

In the past, there were programs that operated on people with facial problems.

These are people who have abnormal faces and low self-esteem because of accidents or other reasons.

So they have found confidence through plastic surgery. The result was quite successful and surprising.

Korean women also do a lot of plastic surgery. Koreans think that plastic surgery on the eyes and nose is the basis.

3. About age

The age concept in Korea is complicated. There are three ways. And Korean people are sensitive to age.

In Korean culture there is a rank. That is why older people are seniors.

However, Korea’s age concept is different from the concept commonly used in the world. So it’s confusing.

In school, the grades are the same, but sometimes they are different.

It may be used in school, but the concept of age becomes ambiguous when it comes to society.

This article doesn’t explain everything, but you’ll be surprised when you get to know the age concept in Korea.

4. Jeju Island

I think it’s number one among Korea features. Many foreigners admire Jeju Island.

Many people live in Jeju Island, but the natural environment is well preserved.

And it feels Korean but exotic. That’s why many foreign tourists like it. Of course, Koreans also like Jeju Island.

There is a characteristic food and culture of Jeju Island. If you haven’t been to Jeju Island in Korea, I highly recommend you visit.

5. Internet speed

It’s sad if this is missing from Korea features.

You will know a lot because Korean internet speed is already famous.

Really fast. You can think that there is no slow internet anywhere in Korea.

Even in a pc room, it draws faster internet lines. So many people can play games comfortably in the pc room.

In Korea, just click on the internet and you will get the results. You can also stream YouTube videos and other high quality videos quickly.

The speed of smartphone internet is also very fast. And free Wi-Fi is available nationwide.

Considering the speed of internet, Korea is a very happy country.

6. laver

Do you know laver? No explanation needed. Really delicious. It is good to eat pork belly in Korea, but you must eat laver.

Korean laver is already exported a lot.

You can eat even if it is not Korea. However, I recommend you to come to Korea and try the laver yourself.

Because all the food is delicious to eat locally.

7. Delivery culture

I think it is the best among Korea features. Korea’s delivery culture is truly revolutionary.

These days, due to the development of smartphones, orders are placed in the app.

There are many delivery agencies in Korea. So in Korea, you can deliver a cup of coffee.

Nowadays, the delivery culture is more developed because there are many single-person households in Korea.

You can deliver all food for one person. 24 hours a day.

8. Kimchi

I know that many foreigners like Korean kimchi. However, I think some people hate Korean kimchi.

The reason is spicy and garlic smell. Conversely, some people like this spicy and garlic flavor.

Anyway, kimchi is really diverse. Even the same kimchi tastes different. Taste varies depending on the time of aging.

9. Drinking culture and Soju

I don’t understand it because I don’t like soju, but foreign people like it.

And Korea is said to eat a lot of alcohol. I know that Koreans do not have genes that break down alcohol well.

But Koreans eat a lot of alcohol. I don’t know why.

People who work in Korea often eat alcohol because of the dinner.

But these days, the number of people who drink at night is much less.

Culture is changing. In addition, the culture of drinking is changing as Korea’s alcohol crackdown is strengthened.

Anyway, I hope Koreans stop drinking.

10. Safety

Safety is ranked in the top five among Korea features. Korea is a truce country, but security is very good.

It’s a safe country to go around late at night. I’ve heard that it’s a big deal if you travel around the country late at night.

Of course, it varies from country to country.

Anyway, Korea is really safe.

In Korea, for example, if someone leaves something in their place, they will not steal it.

Koreans think that the place where the object is is the place where the owner is. So others don’t touch it.

In addition, Korea is safe because it is not a gun-owning country.

11. Overwork

There are many cases of working overtime in Korea.

Some companies take it for granted. Doing more work doesn’t pay me more.

It’s ironic. Of course a good company gives more money. Or do not work overtime.

But ordinary SMEs don’t have a working system.

Koreans do not leave work after work hours. This is because the boss must leave the office first.

This culture naturally leads to overtime work. What a meaningless time.

12. blood type

I don’t know how many people really believe, but Koreans tend to judge their personality by blood type.

For example, a person of type a is considered timid and introverted.

Koreans think that type B has a lot of wind. And think that type AB is crazy.

Usually it’s just fun to judge people by their blood type.

13. Ondol Culture

It is a unique culture of our country. Ondol is Korean floor heating system.

In foreign countries, it is known as the best heating technology invented by Korea.

There is even a word called Ondol Hallyu.

The ondol is quite scientific and thermally efficient. So it is applied a lot abroad.

Korean Reactions

In this post, I’ve summarized 13 Korea features. This reminds me that Korea is a great country.

Korea is a fairly small country on earth. Not too many people. But it’s cool to have so many advantages.

I hope many people will know Korea’s characteristics through this article. If you respond well, I’ll also sort out the other things!

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