Things you need when looking at physiognomy

hello everyone! Today, I would like to talk about the things you need when observing physiognomy. Physiognomy is a predictive art that predicts personality, fate, and future through the shape and features of a person’s face.


1. Contemplative book

One of the most basic tools is a contemplative book. The first thing to do when you start studying contemplation is to find and read books on the subject. These books are a great place to start, providing information ranging from the basics of physiognomy to advanced techniques.


2. Practice headshot

It takes practice to improve your skills. You need a photo of your face to analyze various facial features and practice physiognomy. You can download face photos from the Internet, or use the practice photos included in physiognomy books.

3. Contemplative tools

To use contemplative techniques in practice, you need contemplative tools. These tools include physiognomy cards, physiognomy mirrors, facial analysis tools, etc. These tools help you perform physiognomy more accurately.

4. Knowledge and practice

Knowledge and practice are the most important parts of physiognomy. It is necessary to understand various facial features and personality traits, and to practice and improve physiognomy. Learning physiognomy requires continuous study and practice.


We have briefly looked at what is needed when looking at physiognomy. Physiognomy is one of the interesting predictive arts, and it takes time and effort to improve. Always remain passionate and curious while studying and practicing contemplation. It will help you continue to learn and develop. thank you!