Suk Hyun Joon Corona! The first Korean soccer player!

Korean soccer player Suk Hyun-jun is infected with corona. So ‘Suk Hyun Joon Corona’ is an issue in Korea.

He is currently playing in the second league of professional French football.

But on March 14, he was infected with corona, the French media said.

This is the first case in the French soccer league. Likewise, he is the first Korean footballer.

Suk Hyun Joon Corona! The first Korean soccer player!

How infected?

There is no known truth.

But fans are worried. Fans think it’s not good if Asian players are infected with corona from Europe or abroad.

It seems that there is still Asian racism overseas. The famous Son Heung-min also suffered.

However, the exact route of infection has not been established.

But the French soccer league must be nervous. France will have to understand his path and deal with it.

This will prevent further infection damage.

Official article? ABOUT Suk Hyun Joon Corona

According to his team doctor’s opinion, the facts are as follows.

He complained of eye pain at first. And the condition was not good.

He has a fever, but not very high. And it shows different symptoms from the common flu.

I was excluded from the training because of my poor physical condition for several days. And self-contained.

Corona infection was subsequently confirmed.

Suk Hyun-jun has not yet announced an official position. He is not even mentioned in SNS.

Who is Suk Hyun Joon?

He was active in Ajax, the Netherlands in 2010. In addition, he has been active in various soccer leagues such as Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and France.


He is the first corona infected. I hope to overcome well and be the first healer.

And I hope he will be active again and contribute to Korean football.

I think he’s a young and healthy person, so he’ll recover sooner or later.

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