BIGBANG Comeback? when? member?

BIGBANG was very famous in Korea. Of course, it is still famous. This topic is BIGBANG Comeback.

BIGBANG made his debut in 2006. Like the group name, it caused a huge wave. The BIGBANG quickly gained popularity in Korea.

And BIGBANG constantly communicated with fans by releasing single album.

The majority of BIGBANG songs are popular and have captured the fans.

BIGBANG Comeback? when? member?


But South Korea must go to the military. So the first BIGBANG member top joined the army.

The problem was for the military to cover up the cannabis incident. So top was controversial.

The rest of the members continued to work. And in November 19 all members dischage from the army.

And the BIGBANG re-signed with YG ENT. Except one member. That one member is VICTORY.

He was at the center of a tremendous event. If I mention it in this article, it will be too long and will be omitted.

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There was a lot of controversy in Korea. Koreans think the BIGBANG is a criminal.

In fact, member VICTORY is a criminal. So he was excluded from the renewal.

So the BIGBANG comeback will not be done in Korea.

The original plan was to debut at the 2020 Coachella Festival. This news has also been delivered to Korea. So Korean fans criticized.

As far as I know, the 2020 Coachella Festival has been postponed. Because of the corona virus.

So the BIGBANG hasn’t come back yet. The 2020 Coachella Festival is said to run from April 10-19.

No activity will be due to the corona virus now. So the BIGBANG comeback will be on schedule at 2020 Coachella Festival.

BIGBANG’S problem?

I said that Koreans think the BIGBANG is a criminal. Explain why I say this.


TOP’s cannabis incident was briefly mentioned above.


The BIGBANG leader, GD, had many incidents during his military career.

It’s a controversy that it’s gone too much vacation. But South Korea’s Defense Ministry announced no problem.

All Korean men have been to the military, so they know the military system well.

Ordinary soldiers can not go out so much vacation. And GD was hospitalized, and there was a controversy over room preference.


DAE-SUNG had an illegal company in his building. Prostitution was taking place in his building. Prostitution is illegal in Korea.

DAE-SUNG, the owner of the building, said he did not know this. But people say that Daesung didn’t really know it.


BIGBANG’s biggest event is its VICTORY.

His case begins with the club he participated in. There is an assault in this club.

The assaulted person complained of injustice. But no one listened.

It begins with such a small assault, followed by the Korean police corruption.

These events are like the contents of a movie. Maybe later it won’t actually be made into a movie?

In addition, he was involved in a variety of incidents, including prostitution and drugs, causing tremendous waves in Korea.

These events are called “Burning Sun Gate” in Korea. Burning Sun is the club name.

He joined the army on March 9, 2020. Relevant Cases Trials are taken during military service.


Only TAE-YANG has no event. He is so great.

He has no special news besides marrying a Korean female entertainer.


YG ENT was incredibly popular in our country. But now it has fallen.

Koreans now think YG ENT is a drug.

But YG ENT had a lot of artists. They are all talented and individual.

Every song is a masterpiece. This song is loved by the public.

Honestly, BIGBANG ‘s song and comeback are expected. But the BIGBANG is true.

Is it a devil’s talent? Why do they always have problems if they have great talents? Regretful.

Celebrities in the past had a lot of problems. Even though they caused problems, they just apologized and broadcast again after some time.

Koreans condemned these actions. So these days, the entertainers who caused the problem are not easy to appear on the air. Because there is a public eye.

Even if it comes to snow, the public ignores it. If you do not naturally appear on the broadcast.

The same is true of the BIGBANG. It will not be easy to appear on Korean TV.

Perhaps the BIGBANG will be active abroad, and only music will be available in Korea.

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