BTS Spring Day! NO1 in korea

BTS Spring Day is now number one in Korea. In Korea, there is a famous song in spring. The song always won first place in the spring.

But now the BTS song sang the song and took first place.

BTS Spring Day! NO1 in korea

BTS Spring Day

THIS song is so popular. So a fan cannot know. However, a brief explanation.

The song was released on February 13, 2017. And it is the title song of the third album.

After the song was released, it recorded 10 million views in 26 hours. And this is a great record.

And some people interpret this song music video as being related to the Sewol issue in Korea.

Regarding this interpretation, RM said it emphasized visual expression. He also said that he would like to leave additional opinions and interpretations as they are.


THIS songs have always been loved. On the Korean chart, it averaged 114th.

Spring has come to Korea soon. But because of the corona virus, people didn’t go out.

In this regard, people are not feeling the spring. So the song rankings were unchanged.

So, the BTS Spring Day song only rose to the top in late March.

This is not the first place in the entire Korean chart, but the first in spring-related songs in Korea. Hope there is no misunderstanding.


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