BTS V! Itaewon class ost participation!

I enjoy the drama Itaewon class these days. It is news that BTS V participated in this drama OST.

What more explanation is needed for BTS V? He is a world famous singer.

BTS V! Itaewon class ost participation!

BTS V! DRAMA ost participation!

However, there will be many people who do not know the drama Itaewon Class.

It is one of the most popular dramas in Korea these days. And it seems to be popular all over the world.

In particular, Netflix recently ranked first in Vietnam.

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bts v and Park Seo-jun are best friends. Park Seo-joon is a male protagonist in Itaewon Class.

The two became close friends while shooting a drama together in the past.

They participated in the drama ‘Hwarang’ produced in 2016.

What is Itaewon Class?

Anyway, it seems that Park Seo-joon started a new work and bts v took part in ost with interest.

The drama Itaewon Class is based on the webtoon. In this regard, bts v said in an interview.

Below is the interview.

I saw Itaewon class as a webtoon. I learned a lesson and had fun. In particular, the male protagonist was impressive.

The webtoon that I enjoyed is produced as a drama. So I am very happy to have Park Seo-joon as the main character.

And thank you for participating in this drama ost.

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When is ost released?

OST bts v participated is released today! so It is said that it will be released in Park Seo-joon sns.

The opening time is 6pm Korean time. The title of the song is ‘sweet night’.

This song is said to be an acoustic indie pop song. Acoustic guitar appears and leads the song.

In the second half of the song, V’s humming and the harmonious sound of the violin appear.

The title of the song is Sweet Night, which is the same as the name of the store in Itaewon Class.

The reason the store’s name is sweet night is related to the story of the male protagonist.

He had many difficult times. So I can’t sleep well at night.

He filled countless nights with pain. So the name of the store was sweet night. It contains his wishes.


This OST is quite exciting. SO I think it’s the best combination.

V’s husky and sweet voice appear. And Park Seo-joon’s acting ability.

It would be really cool if these two were to be harmonized in the I want to hear it quickly!

Park Seo-jun’s SNS


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