Cancel BTS Concert! Reasons and reactions!

Hello. This post is about “Cancel BTS Concert“.

In Korea, the corona virus is a big problem. So many people cancel or change events or schedules. BTS concerts are no exception.

The BTS concert will start in Seoul, Korea in April. But it was canceled because of the corona virus.

Big Hit, a BTS company, announced that it would cancel for the safety of 200,000 visitors and BTS.

BTS has a lot of overseas fans. So Big Hit made this decision because overseas fans could be exposed to the corona virus.

BTS concert was going to start in Seoul in April. And this concert was a plan for the World Tour. Besides, it was scheduled for four performances.

Cancel BTS Concert. Reasons and reactions

Cancel BTS Concert! Fans react?

Disappointed and uncaring

For the most part, it’s a sad response. And it’s an opinion to change the schedule rather than unilateral cancellation.

Cancellation and rescheduling are completely different stories. And Korean fans have accused me of not caring for Korean fans.

I think this reason is because the bts company canceled, not changed the schedule. It’s a one-sided notice.

Big Hit’s Mistakes

And this cancellation of the BTS concert happened three days after the ticketing.

Many fans say that even if they decided just three days early, they could cancel the show without ticketing. That’s right.

The fans worked hard to make a ticketing, but how bad it would be if canceled.

Because of this, there is an opinion that successful ticketing should guarantee the next concert ticketing. It’s a reasonable idea, but I don’t know if it’s possible.

Japan, Europe schedule?

There is a BTS concert schedule in Japan. Japan is also raging about the corona virus.

So BTS fans say they should cancel the Japanese concert schedule.

I know that there is a corona virus in Europe.

If BTS fans around the world move largely because of the concert, the possibility of spreading the corona virus can’t be ignored.

So I think BTS should be careful about Europe.

Fans feel disappointed and disappointed, but they’re starting to donate.

BTS is great, but BTS fans are great too. This information is being shared on Fan Community Weavers.

There is a review of the donation to the Korea Disaster Relief Association. So many BTS fans are joining.

Because of the American concert?

On the other hand, rumors came out that the BTS concert that was scheduled to be held in Korea was canceled because of an American concert.

However, the US concert schedule has been scheduled in advance, and Korean concert schedule has since been canceled.

Big Hit did not cancel the Korean concert to schedule an American concert.

This is like a simple rumor.


Korean fans think that Big Hit doesn’t consider Korean fans. They think the cancellation of Korean concerts is one-sided. BTS is very popular abroad.

It is true that the popularity is huge in our country, but it seems sad because we are doing more activities abroad.

Since BTS has tremendous influence, domestic activities are important, but I think overseas activities should be given priority. Of course, Korean fans would like to do more activities in Korea.

I think that should be well understood and addressed by Big Hit.

Since there are fans, there is a BTS. Big Hit should never forget this.

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