Current situation of Corona virus in korea:Highest alert

Hello. What I’m talking about is the current situation of corona virus in Korea.

Corona virus is probably going to be an issue around the world.

I don’t know the details of other countries, but I will explain about Korea.

Recently, Korea was evaluated to be well prepared for Corona virus.

Korea hasn’t been infected for days. But a few days later, a lot of people got sick.

Current situation of corona virus in korea 1

Current Situation of Korea for Corona virus
Religious groups?

There are many reasons, but I think the reason is the spread by religious groups.

There are various religions in my country. It’s the same in other countries.

There was a huge infection in a religious group.

Those who belong to that religious group live all over Korea.

That’s why the number of infected people increased in an instant.

Especially in Daegu there is a religious group. So the Daegu area is closed at all.

But we can visit Daegu. But I won’t go to Daegu.

Anyway, it is true that the influence of this religious group has increased the number of infected nationwide.

I think this religious organization is complaining about injustice. They simply did religious activities because this happened.

In Korea, we consider this religious organization a cult.

There’s a risk of infection with Corona virus, but it’s wrong to conduct religious activities. That’s why this religious group is very insulting in Korea.

Picture of going to hospital because of coronavirus

Korean defense system problem?

This problem also makes a lot of sense. Corona virus first started in China.

At that time, Koreans said they should stop entering China. But allowed a Chinese entry. Koreans blamed the government.

There are various reasons why the government has allowed Chinese to enter the country. Political, economic and so on.

I’m not familiar with political problems. The criticisms of the government on the Internet probably didn’t take into account the political situation.

Koreans simply thought that Corona virus started in China, and if we block Chinese entry, can stop Corona. But this idea is really simple.

The Korean government is not a fool who cannot solve simple problems.(Maybe it’s stupid.)

Anyway, I think Korea couldn’t block Chinese entry for various reasons.

Korea situation now?

I think people are feeling the seriousness of Corona virus. So Korea is preparing.

Koreans buy masks and food online. The online mall is running out of stock. Delivery delays are also occurring.

Even the neighborhood where I live had an infected person. So my family decided not to go outside.

Kindergarten or school delayed the opening. When many people gather, it can cause another problem because of the corona virus.

It’s a guide from the Korean government.

Anyway, the situation in Korea is relatively serious. Personally, I hope this is over soon.

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