Do you know Trot? Awesome in Korea now!

Hello. This theme is a popular music genre in Korea. Overseas, kpop is popular. But now Trot is in vogue in Korea. Do you know Trot?

In Korea, I think the next genre of music is trot. So there’s a lot of trot-related programs on tv these days.

Do you know Trot?

At first, a female trot singer came out and started the contest. This program hit a jackpot.

So the female trot singer who won first place in this contest became very famous in Korea. This popularity led to the sequel to the Trot Singer Contest.

So now Korea is a trot craze. My mother-in-law watched the show until dawn.

There are also children in this trot contest. Even young children sing Trot very well.

Winning the Korean competition program is hugely popular.

As far as I know, there is an American program called American Idol.

Winning this program will probably be hugely popular.

Do you know Trot First Trot Contest Winner
First Trot Contest Winner
Her name is Ga In Song

Why Trot?

Well, why did trot suddenly become famous in Korea?

Trot has been steadily gaining popularity among older and older people.

Go to karaoke when you drink in Korea. Trot is what you can’t miss from karaoke.

Everyone knows the famous trot because it is quite popular in Korea.

Even the popular trot song is known to everyone, regardless of age.

So rather than suddenly popular, it was popular enough in normal times, but it became more popular as it was exposed to broadcasting.

The same is true in foreign countries, but Korea has become very famous for its introduction on television. One such example is restaurants and music in Korea.

How trot succeeded?

The usual music contest program was there before. But this is the first time for a trot contest.

New one. first. This is likely to succeed.

Especially in the world these days, there are many things that are so edgy.

So many people are excited about something new.

This situation fits well and I think the Trot Contest was a success.

I Think

Trot’s popularity is now at its peak, but it will subside again after the contest.

The first trot was played by women. Now men are competing for Season 2.

Will Season 3 come out? What will be the topic? It won’t be fun from Season 3.

Viewers already know all the way. So something new is needed.

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