How to learn Korean on Korea TV shows?

This post introduces a good korea tv program when you learn Korean.

The program is represented by the representative beauty of each country.

In addition to The program content is about Korean language learning project by beautiful people who love Korea and want to learn Korean language.

Cast Introduction

4 beauties for learn Korean

Natalia Carvajal

learn Korean woman 1
  • Home Championship: 2018 Miss Universe Costa Rica
  • Korean name: Na-dal-hee
  • Birth year: Born in 1990
  • Nationality: Costa Rica

Faith landman

learn Korean woman2
  • Hometown: 2017 Miss Earth Netherlands
  • Korean Name: Yoo-Jung
  • Birth year: Born in 1996
  • Nationality: Netherlands

Virag koroknyai

learn Korean woman3
  • Homecoming competition: 2017 Miss World Hungary
  • Korean name: Yu-ra
  • Birth year: Born in 1997
  • Nationality: Hungary

Diana Hamed

learn Korean woman4
  • Homecoming contest: 2019 Miss Universe Egypt
  • Korean Name : Mi-so
  • Birth year: Born in 1999
  • Nationality: Egypt, Hungary
Korea TV shows

learn Korean on Korea TV shows

In total, four women appear. And they try to learn Korean.

also The program name is ‘멘땅에 한글말’. and In Korean pronunciation is ‘menttang-e hangugmal’.

There is no English title for this program. Hangul means that you learn Korean without any preparation.

In short, This is an entertainment program that shows students how to learn Hangul, which is essential to Korean life, through various methods.

Broadcast at 8:30 pm Korean time. and Program channel is SBS Plus.

Program features

Generally, It is not easy to learn Hangul without any preparation.

However, with this concept, it would be very interesting if the program shows women from different countries challenging to learn Hangul.

Koreans also think about these foreign people. Why is Korean difficult and how do I explain Korean easily.

also If you are interested in Korean, watching this program will be helpful.

and It will help you a lot when learning Korean without any preparation.

Especially if you are interested in K-POP, K-FOOD, K-CULTURE, it will be easy to learn Hangul.

Recent story

Recently, the program reveals a story of how Korean culture has been prepared in advance. and Her name is Faith Landman.

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