Kcon Russia! Open in Moscow!

Hi guys. In this article, I write about Kcon Russia

kcon is a Korean singer’s event. Now Korea is crazy about the corona virus.

So all the shows and events are being canceled. Meanwhile, kcon Russia is confirmed.

Kcon Russia! Open in Moscow!

Kcon Russia

Russia and Korea are the 30th anniversary of diplomacy. That’s why this kcon event means something.

The kcon Russia will be held on 23 May. The event will be held in Moscow for two days.

There is only a final contract left for the theater that can accommodate 12,000 people.

If this contract goes well, the place will be perfectly determined.

Why Russia?

Some people are curious about kcon in Russia.

As I said before, 2020 is the 30th anniversary of diplomacy between Korea and Russia.

Recently, Russia is said to be one of the hottest Korean Waves among European countries.

The Korea Festival was held in Russia last October, with 25,000 attendees.

Because the last event was a success, it is said that this kcon will be held in Russia.

But this kcon decision is surprising. Russia is now restricting Korean entry. That’s because of the corona virus.

It is interesting to note that kcon was allowed at such a sensitive time.

It’s March now, but is May expecting the corona virus to subside?

What if the corona virus didn’t go away in May?

The corona virus is still a stumbling block, but Russia would have considered all of this.

But no one will be 100% sure that the event will work. I just hope the event goes well for now.

Kcon Singer?

I don’t know who Korean singers are yet. The singers are canceling all over the world because of the corona virus.

So officials will be the hardest to get singers out.

If it is confirmed in Korea what singers are coming out, I will deliver the news quickly. Bookmarking my blog will help.

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