Ki Sung-Yong fails to return to the K-League.

Recently, Ki Sung-Yong tried to return to the Korean Football League. but Ki Sung-Yong fails to return to the K-League.

But he eventually left for the Spanish football league.

Ki Sung-yong is a famous football player in Korea. He was a popular midfielder at EPL.

Fans cheered when they heard that such a famous player would return to the Korean soccer league again.

Ki Sung-yong tried to contact two soccer teams in the Korean league. In the end, however, they found no compromises and failed.

Many fans criticized the K-league.

Koreans love soccer. And there are many Koreans who are also active in the overseas soccer leagues. However, Korean leagues are not very popular in Korea.

There are many problems, but most say that the Korean Football Association has many problems.

There is also a connection between Ki Sung-yong’s failure to return to the Korean Football League.

Ki Sung-Yong fails to return to the K-League

Ki Sung-Yong fails! Korean Reactions?

1.Korean football league level?

Ki Sung-Yong eventually transferred to the Spanish football league.

Competent players like Ki Sung-yong were not selected in the Korean soccer league, but in the Spanish soccer league.

Korean football league levels higher than Spanish football leagues? I think Korean football leagues are very low around the world.

However, the results suggest that the Korean soccer league, which rejected Ki Sung-yong, is higher in the league. But this is not true.

The Korean football league is still lacking. Korean football needs to join a talented player like Ki Sung-yong.

They must develop a Korean football league through him. The Korean soccer league, however, defeated this opportunity. That’s too bad.

So Korean soccer fans are criticizing the Korean soccer league for this situation.

2. Korean fans cheer for Ki Sung-yong!

Korean fans cheer for Ki Sung-yong’s new challenge. Although Korean fans hoped that Ki Sung-yong would return to the Korean soccer league, it failed.

There are many voices cheering for Ki Sung-yong, who became the Spanish soccer league.

When Ki Sung-Yong was a member of the Celtic team, there are some football fans who remember the huge long shots.

3.My opinion

I also expected Ki Sung-yong to come back. But he did not come.

But do not disappoint. I respect Ki Sung Yong’s opinion. It would be better to meet him at the Korea soccer stadium, but I support him.

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