Kingdom Season 2-Korean Zombies Coming

Hi guys! This article is about Kingdom Season 2.

If you like zombies, you may have seen Kingdom Season 1. Or maybe you watched a Korean movie Train to Busan.

It seems that the movie parasites have recently won numerous awards and raised the status of Korean films.

That’s why many people are starting to get more interested in Korean movies and dramas.

Kingdom Season 1 is also quite popular. I had a lot of fun too. So many people are expecting this season 2.

Kingdom Season 2 Korean Zombies Coming

Kingdom Season 2 – Korean Zombies Coming!

I was shocked to see a foreign movie ‘20 weeks later‘. I was impressed with the zombies running at incredibly fast speeds.

But Korean zombies are huge too! If you haven’t seen the movie Train to Busan yet, I recommend watching it!

Anyway! Kingdom Season 2 is coming out on Friday, March 13, 2020.

Moreover, 160 countries around the world are released at the same time!

You can watch Kingdom Season 2 on Netflix.

March 13 is Friday. Are foreign people afraid of Friday the 13th? Does Netflix intend to do this and release it on Friday, March 13th?

I never looked for official data, but wasn’t Netflix intended? Well, it’s a personal idea.

What’s new this season?

Season 1 consists of 6 episodes. I’m wondering how many pieces this season 2 will be. And I wonder if season 2 will end or season 3 will come out.

Season 1 feels like something’s about to start. but If you still want to enjoy Season 2, it’s not bad to see Season 1.

Season 2 is very exciting. After the season 1, the full story begins.

There is a famous artist in our country. It’s Kim Eun-hee. The authors of season 1,2 are the same as Kim Eun-hee. So Koreans expect more.

In addition, new characters appear. One famous actress is Korea. Her name is Jun Ji-hyun. She will be joining Season Two.

The participation of famous actresses raised people’s expectations even higher.

And the scale has grown tremendously.

  • 850 martial arts teams.
  • 1300 actors.
  • 3000 assistant performers.

In addition, two martial arts directors are said to direct.

It is common for several directors to work together in a foreign country.

In Korea, however, several directors are not used to working. It’s a new challenge.

What is the story of Season 2

From the bottom, it’s Kingdom season 1 spoiler. Do not read if you do not want.

Normal zombies are active at night and not active during the day. But Kingdom has a new interpretation of how zombies behave.

Usually the temperature is low at night and high during the day.

So Kim Eun-hee thinks the concept of night and day as the concept of temperature.

So Kingdom’s zombies are shocking when they’re active during the day.

Korea has four seasons. It’s cold in winter. So Kingdom’s zombies can be active during the day when it’s winter.

I think it’s great to be influenced by temperature, day and night.

I’m looking forward to how these new interpretations will be drawn in Season 2.

And I wonder how to solve these zombies and what story will be played.

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