Korea Drama Top 7 in Netflix Vietnam

Korean dramas are very popular these days. The topic of this article is “Korea Drama Top 7”

Korean Wave in Vietnam

Korea Drama Top 7 in Netflix Vietnam

I have a favorite drama recently. His name is “Itaewon Class”

The original story is a webtoon. Itaewon class webtoon is so popular that the drama was produced again. This Itaewon class is popular in Vietnam.

As many of you know, Vietnam has been refraining from outside activities because of the virus. So watch a lot of drama at home.

Recently, Netflix Vietnam released ‘Top 10 Drama of the Day’. Itaewon class is number one on this list.

Korea Drama Top 7 in Netflix Vietnam Itaewon class poster

In this regard further said.

It’s no surprise that there are many Korean dramas on the top 10 list released by Netflix Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the corona virus problem is getting worse and they are reluctant to meet Koreans. But the love of Korean culture is still there.

In addition to the Itaewon class, other dramas are also popular.

  • Crash Landing on You – RANK 2
  • Hi Bye Mama – RANK 3
  • Reply 1988 (2015) – RANK 5
  • Hotel Del Luna (2019) – RANK 6
  • Memories of the Alhambra (2018~2019) – RANK 7
  • VAGABOND (2019) – RANK 10

Among the top 10 dramas of the day announced by Vietnam Netflix, Korean dramas occupy seven, which shows the Korean wave in Vietnam.

Korean reaction

Korean drama Vega Bond is ranked 10th in Netflix Vietnam and the response is hot.

Itaewon Class, which is currently being broadcast in Korea, is also very popular, but VegaBond is also very popular.

Vagabond has the highest viewer rating in Korea at 13%. And now Itaewon Class has a record of 14.8% viewership.

Vagabond was also very popular during the broadcast. So Koreans recommend Vegabond.

If you like Korean dramas and haven’t seen Vega Bond yet, I recommend watching.


I know that many people in Vietnam go to business for Koreans. In addition, many people go sightseeing.

Based on the Netflix Vietnam presentation,
I could feel the Korean wave in Vietnam.

Korean drama is fun. And nowadays, it seems to produce dramas of various genres.

I also watch American dramas a lot. One reason for this is that there are many different genres that Korea does not have. And the quality is also very good.

Korean dramas also try to make a lot of good works and various attempts following American dramas.

I heard that K-pop is popular in America. But I have not heard that Korean dramas are popular in the United States.

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