Korean New Yorker’s best! Sojo Spa Club!

Today, this article introduces Sojo Spa Club. Sojo Spa Club is a Korean style jjimjilbang.

I have never been there. But I experienced it through the TV program.

How about a New York jjimjilbang recommended by Koreans?

Korean New Yorker's best! Sojo Spa Club!

Who is Korean New Yorker?

In Korea, there is a program called ‘Friday Friday Night’.

The concept of this program is to meet the Korean Wave’s past and present in the center of New York.

Korean New Yorkers appear in this program. His name is Seo jin Lee. Korean male actor.

He attended New York University in the past. So he knows New York well.

So, the place he recommended in this program is Korean jjimjilbang.

Sojo Spa Club

There are many Jjimjilbang in Korea. And there are many big and famous jjimjilbang.

I also like going to Jjimjilbang. So I was surprised to see Sojo Spa Club on TV.

It made it very nice with Korean style. Besides, it was luxurious.

As mentioned in the broadcast, it is a Korean-style jjimjilbang that has already become a hot topic on SNS.

I haven’t been there, but I think it’s worth it just by looking at the broadcast.

Sojo Spa Club Special Feature

Special Feature

It has a beautiful river view with Manhattan views. And it boasts an incredibly large scale. Use all floors 4 through 7.

There are everything in Korean jjimjilbang.

There is also a Korean body scrub. It seems that Americans are sick, but there are many people who are surprisingly looking for it.

Only those who have tried Korean body scrubs know the feeling. It is very cool.

And one of the characteristics of this place is that you wear a swimsuit.

In Korea, they wear jjimjilbok. Jjimjilbok means short-sleeved shorts.

But Americans seem to be a little strange about this. So instead, she wears a swimsuit and wears a gown on the outside.

The personal question is the restaurant. I was very curious about the presence of kimchi pizza.

People who have eaten say it is really delicious. Maybe it is one of the popular menus.

And the interior of Jjimjilbang is quite luxurious. And it is similar to Korean.

The advantage of this place is that you can see the Manhattan view when you go up to the top floor.

It’s really cool just by watching it. Especially the night view is really great.

About Sojo Spa Club


660 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020, United States

home page


Contact / phone number

+1 201-313-7200

Opening Hours / Open Hours

Daily 09:00-22:30

I think

This is definitely one of the places I want to go if I have a job to go to New York.

I think it will be able to completely relieve the fatigue of traveling.

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