Lee Chung Yong K-League Comeback. Fan reactions?

Hello! Football fans! If you like football, you might know Lee Chung Yong.

He is a famous player in Korea. Recently I heard that he is coming back to the Korean soccer league.

Recently, Ki Sung-yong tried to return to the Korean football league, but he failed. There were many reasons, but I’m so sorry.

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If Ki Sung-yong and Lee Chung-yong both returned to the Korean football league, their popularity would have been enormous.

Lee Chung Yong K-League Comeback. Fan reactions?

Lee Chung Yong Korean League

Korean people love soccer. But I don’t like the Korean league.

Koreans prefer European or Spanish leagues more. I think there is a difference in football level.

European and Spanish players are world famous and good. So we have a taste of watching football. It’s a fantastic play.

But I don’t think Korean soccer is yet. The level is much lower. It’s been a lot better lately, but it’s not enough yet.

So I think the Korean Football Association should invest a lot.

The association will also find players and prepare for various events and things to see during the league. That way people can come and see a lot.

It’s also important to return players like Ki Sung-yong and Lee Chung-yong to the Korean football league.

Koreans want to see players playing in Europe. What if players in Europe play in the Korean league? Korean football can be hugely popular.

Fan reactions?

So now Koreans are looking forward to it. About Lee Chung Yong’s return to the Korean Football League. Honestly I’m looking forward to it too.

I don’t go to the Korean football league often, but if there is Lee Chung-yong, I will watch the broadcast. Or maybe I’ll watch the highlights on the Internet.

The expectation for Lee is very high in Korea. About what brilliant play he will show.

And some Korean soccer fans commented that they should demote the FC seoul team who refused to use Ki Sung-yong.

And Lee was injured and his football life started going downhill.

When he returns to the Korean football league, it is full of support from Korean football fans that he plays well without injury.

If you are a fan of Lee Chung Yong! Now let’s take a look at the Korean soccer league!

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