Parasite Korean reviews. You Curious?

The parasite is very famous in Korea. What I will introduce in a recent post is ” Parasite Korean Reviews

The film became even more popular with the recent Oscars at the American Academy Awards.

The award-winning story is so famous, stop it.

Going to the point, Bong is quite dense. Various elements are hidden in the movie. Koreans are good at finding hidden elements in these films. In this article, you can see the elements together.

This article may have a spoiler associated with the movie.

If you haven’t seen a parasite movie, I don’t recommend this article. If you don’t mind, you can continue reading this article.

Parasite Korean Review What is the ending

Parasite what movie?

You know all the meaning of parasites. The film expresses coexisting life.

Two opposing families appeared and depicted the coexistence process. One family is rich, the other is not.

In this film, various stories that occur in the process of coexistence are presented.

It is a very highly rated movie in Korea. Even film critics rated 9.0 or higher.

Such high scores are rare in Korea. Film critics usually give a lower score.

That’s why the parasite movie is a masterpiece.

Parasite Korean reviews


Bong’s films always express contemporary times. Therefore, the present times are well reflected in parasites.

The feature of this film is that no evil person appears.

The incident begins with the meeting of two families. There was no bad intention. But there was a bad result.

This is a good representation of our modern society.

The situation in the movie:
In my life, things happen that I did not intend. Even if I have no bad intentions, sometimes there are bad results. I simply wanted to do well.

In parasites, this situation is very well represented.

We live in a capitalist society and want to live well together. But what about our situation now?

This is what Bong wants to say through the film. I reviewed the parasites for important points.

-Difference between two families

In this film, two families appear.

The first family is rich. And there is high social command. So this family is represented by the host.

On the other hand, other families are poor. So they want to get something free. This family acts as a parasite.

-About the Poor family

For example, in the first part of the movie, a poor family uses Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is free in Korea, but I know it’s usually used at a cost. But poor families are trying to use Wi-Fi for free. This family is a parasite. Do not follow general social norms.

In another scene, a disinfection car passes by theirs home. They open windows to disinfect their homes. This is also an attempt to disinfect your home for free.

These actions indicate that they want to get something free for nothing. This is typical of parasites.

While breathing smoke, Song Kang-Ho’s expression remains the same. It’s proof that you’re used to it.

-A stone that received a gift

A friend from a prestigious university presents a stone.

The meaning of this stone symbolizes Choi’s dreams and greed.

And the scene of Song Kang-ho’s house is flooded.

At that time, Choi went home again to bring the stones. In this scene we can see his greed.

-What is Choi’s character?

As mentioned above, Choi’s character is not human.

Read his diary secretly. and Forge education. He is dating a woman that his friend likes. He tries to kill people in the basement with stones.

-What can be found in the conversation.

Choi’s mother said:
The boss’s family is good because they are rich. If I were rich, I would have been nicer.

This line tells us how the poor family is thinking.

-Rank according to where you live

In this film, the class is likened to where they live. Song Kang Ho’s family lives under the ring.

So The rich man lives in a high-end house in a high district. And inside this luxury house there is a secret underground.

People who live in this secret underground are depicted as the lowest people.

-The relationship between Song Kang-ho and the man living in the secret cellar

Song Kang-ho asked a man living in a secret underground.

Do you have a plan? You have no plans. Right?

The man answers this question: This place is comfortable and safe.

When he hears the answer, Song sympathizes with him. Song Kang-ho is in a similar situation.

At the end of the movie, a man comes up from the secret underground.

The rich man who saw the man clogged his nose. In this scene, Song Kang Ho kills a rich man. Song Kang-ho felt contempt for the rich man.

-Humanity of the Rich People

Do not care for his children well. Ignore people of lower ranks.

They pretend to be noble, but act frivolously. These scenes show the humanity of the rich man.

-Commonality between them

They live in different places and have different levels, but they have something in common.

It is that they love. The way is different, but they love each other’s way.

Song’s wife fights a man in a secret underground to protect his family.

A movie scene where a rich man protects his family.

A maid who brings food to her husband in a secret underground.

In this way, they are different, but they are in love.

-Parasite Korean reviews : Interpretation of ending

As a result, Song Kang-ho lives in a secret underground.

From the basement, Song Kang continues to send Morse code signals to the ground. Finally, Choi noticed.

Choi made a lot of money and planned to buy a luxury house. So I imagine her father coming upstairs.

Choi Woo-sik climbs a high mountain and looks down at luxury homes. And he plans to decode Morse code and save his father. Did he really succeed?

The film ends with an open ending. Koreans think that Choi is successful in planning.