Son Heung-mins injury! Korean Reactions?

Recently, Tottenham’s Son Heung-min was injured. So I’ll talk about Son Heung-mins injury

If you like football, you know this news. It was a huge issue in Korea.

I watched the game and was injured early in the game. But no one predicted Son’s fracture.

He showed a great play for 90 minutes. The game ended after the game. Sohn Heung-min was the subject of injury.

With regard to Son Heung-min’s injury, Korean fans began to worry.

Koreans want to see Son Heung-min play.

Not only South Korea, but also many overseas fans will feel the same way.

But the fact is that we can no longer see Son Heung-min on the field for the time being.

Son Heung-mins injury
Son Heung-min enters Korea

Son Heung-mins injury!
Whats korean reactions?

1. Football Manager’s Strategy

Mourinho, who mentioned Son Heung Min’s season out, is performing a smoke screening. Something similar happened in the past.

Son Heung-min digested 90 minutes of full time and said that he was okay in an interview. But suddenly announced an injury.

If he was injured, he would not have run 90 minutes.

On the other hand, there is a negative view of such smoke operations.

This is because Son Heung-min was mentioned and acknowledged on the Tottenham official website.

But Son fans are curious about the details of the injury and the lack of additional information.

2. Expectations for Mourinho

Tottenham have no strikers right now. Kane and Son Heung-min are injured. In this situation, if Tottenham wins the game, Mourinho’s rating will improve.

3. Son Heung-min will return soon

Most commented that Sohn was not a major injury. Their argument is that Son Heung-min is a fine fracture.

That is why he was able to play for 90 minutes in a fractured state. If Son was a serious injury, he should have been replaced during the game.

4. My opinion

I also experienced a fine fracture. It was quite painful at that time. This is because the pain occurred just by moving.

Son Heung-min’s mental power is great. He suffered this pain and played a 90-minute game.

But if the pain is tolerable, recovery will be quick.

Son Heung Min season out is mentioned, but I think it will come back soon. Of course it’s my idea and hope.

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