Korea Entertainment Program Recommendation!

Hello. In this article, I will introduce the Korea entertainment program.

I heard that Korean entertainment programs are popular abroad.

I heard that I also study Korean through this program.

The program I recommend is song guessing program.

The full name of this program is the amazing Saturday-Doremi Market.

Korea Entertainment Program doremi market

Korea Entertainment Program Information

  • Broadcast on tvN ,at Saturday, Korea time. The broadcast time is 7:40 pm.
  • The broadcast began on April 7, 2018 and is currently being broadcast.
  • Entertainers from various fields appear.
  • Hyeri, a member of Girls Day, appears on the show.

Show Progress

This show plays a specific part of the song. And it works by matching the lyrics of this particular part. A total of nine people will be presenting and serving nine meals. If you sing a song lyrics, you can eat food.

But whenever it’s wrong, the food is cut in half. Focus on the song lyrics because they want to eat.

Usually the lyrics of a song do not sound well, so it must be inferred in various ways.

This show provides information about the song. And it releases the lyrics before and after the lyrics released as a problem.

They solve the problem based on the information given. But it’s not easy. So performers can use hints. There are many kinds of hints that performers can use.

For example:

  1. Reveal one word
  2. View all spacing
  3. Listen back at 70% speed
  4. Show only part of a word (In English, only the alphabet of some of the words is shown.)
  5. Show the whole lyrics (the lyrics are mixed and only in 1/5 seconds)

The opportunity is given three times in total. They do not eat unless they meet three times. If they fail, you will hit popcorn. (Fried rice in Korean)

If you like K-pop, watching this program will be fun. Although the latest song may not be available, you can enjoy K-pop of various genres.

and If you study Korean, it will be more helpful.