Kpop vocabulary! Made by Koreans!

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Kpop vocabulary! Made by Koreans!

Kpop vocabulary 1

Who = Nu-gu [누구]

Usually just asking who it is. This means there won’t be much difficulty.

Stalker = Sa-Saeng-Fan[사생팬]

Say a fan who follows a singer like a stalker. Sa-Saeng-Fan is short for Korean. Sa-saeng.

Media manipulation = Media play[언론 플레이] [언플]

Say media manipulation is media play in Korea.

Speaking Korean is [eon-lon-peullei]. in addition, Abbreviated as [eon-peul].

It highlights only certain parts of the media, showing only the parts you want to show. They don’t show anything they don’t want to show.

Nasty Solo Stan = Ak-Gae[악성 개인팬] [악개]

This means it’s a malicious private fan. It means a fan who only likes certain members and hates other members.

Hangul pronunciation is [ak-seong gae-in-paen]. In Korea, we use [ak-gae] for short.

hater = anti [안티]

This word is not that hard. Since the word itself is English, I think it means something similar.

Releasing a new album = come back [컴백]

I think this means easy. In the expression of a new album released in Korea say “comeback”

Sound recording bulk purchase = Sa-jae-gi [사재기]

In Korea, there was a small incident in November 2019.

Buying a large amount of sound sources to manipulate the music chart.

Read the following article for more information.

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Kpop vocabulary 2

females speaking to older males = Oppa[오빠]
males speaking to older males = hyung[형]
males speaking to older females = noona[누나]
females speaking to older females = unnie[언니]

In Korea, the ranks are divided by age. So different names are called by gender and age.

Once you read the meaning, it won’t be too hard.

The youngest = mak-ne [막내]

In Korea, the youngest person is called [mak-ne].

Usually the youngest role in the kpop group is cute. That’s why there are a lot of fans who usually like the youngest.

So fans gather and evaluate only the youngest members of all kpop groups. Who is more handsome and who is cuter.

It’s another attraction to enjoy kpop.

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