What is popular Korean Webtoon these days?

Have you heard of Korean webtoon? Nowadays, Korean webtoon is also a Korean wave.

Not long ago I wrote about Itaewon Class. The drama Itaewon Class is based on Webtoon. It is very popular in Vietnam.

It’s an emergency in Korea and Vietnam because of the corona virus. So the content that you can enjoy at home is growing in popularity.

What is popular Korean Webtoon these days

Korea Webtoon Start

Korean webtoons started in the early 2000s.

Initially, it was provided free of charge to get traffic from the portal site.

Early Korean webtoons were similar to regular cartoons.

But as it was optimized for mobile devices, it began to evolve into another form.

The screen was placed up and down, and the story flowed quickly.The story is full of short and bold funny stories.

As a result, it began to grow rapidly, gaining popularity among young people.

Today’s popular webtoons are also remade into dramas and movies.

In Korea, Naver Webtoon is number one. There are so many different webtoons.

Next, Kakao Webtoon is in second place. There are many different webtoon sites.

It used to be free, but there are many paid webtoons these days. In fact, many people buy and watch webtoons for a fee. It is proof that the investment is worth it.

To the World of Korean Webtoon

Naver established Studio N. Therefore, we are actively using the webtoon we have for the second production.

The result is a variety of successes. And Naver challenged the world market in 2014 under the name of LINE WEBTOON.

Now, Line Webtoon is the No. 1 revenue in cartoon app category in over 100 countries.

Paper comics are overwhelming in the US and Japan, but Korea is overwhelming in webtoons.

Looking forward, Webtoon, the future platform, will be more popular.

I hope that Korea, which has occupied the position, will continue to lead.

Popular Korean Webtoon Overseas

Solo Leveling‘ is very popular in China and Japan. And in China, the ‘Daughter of the emperor‘ is also popular.

These works have been successful in Korea. If a webtoon succeeds in Korea, it is highly likely to succeed overseas.

In the US, Tappytoon, the global webtoon platform, is popular. ‘Definition of evil woman‘ took first place on this platform.

Currently, Korean webtoon is planning to enter Europe. It is also planning to expand its business in Brazil, where there is no webtoon platform.




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