In Korea, an article about WHO DIRECTOR GENERAL is an issue.

This is because WHO DIRECTOR GENERAL told BTS to participate in the hand washing campaign.

Because of this remark, I realize the popularity of BTS once again.



WHO DIRECTOR GENERAL posted a post on Twitter.

In order to prevent corona virus, it is about to do a hand washing campaign.

He pointed to several celebrities in the world.

Among them, BTS is included. In this regard, he posted a video of ‘The Safe Hand Challenge’.

This video is about 2 minutes long. There are 11 ways to wash your hands.

So He hopes to spread the right way to wash hands around the world.

Recently, there has been growing criticism of WHO worldwide. So I think it is an act to reduce this criticism.

Korean reaction

In Korea, I think WHO is driven by China. This is because it has received a huge amount of money from China.

So the Koreans criticized the WHO for requesting this campaign from China.

And Korea asked WHO to make Dokdo a Korean territory.

However, they marked it as Japanese territory and did not reflect Korean intentions.

For these reasons, WHO has been criticized in Korea.

After all, BTS fans are telling them not to participate in this campaign.

WHO who likes Japan has no right to ask BTS for this campaign.

The Koreans also criticized the overall WHO response method.

The response to the corona virus was too late. And now it is said that it is an irresponsible way to campaign using celebrities.

In this way, Korean BTS fans express their disagreement. I wonder if BTS will participate in this campaign.

If BTS participates in the campaign, it can gain popularity worldwide. But Korean fans will be disappointed.

Whatever decision you make, BTS cannot satisfy everyone.

We hope that BTS will make a wise decision by considering the various circumstances.

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