About my BLOG


This blog is run by Korean people. Personally owned blog. I am not good at English so I use a translator.

Therefore, the contents of the blog may be awkward. and I would appreciate it if you understand.


What BLOG?

It is a blog that delivers a variety of information from the Korean perspective.

Many people are interested in Korea these days.

So I introduce what happens in Korea or abroad.

And it mentions the Korean reaction.

As I am a Korean, I can convey information about Korea more accurately.

  • Tips for traveling to Korea
  • Interesting Korean culture
  • Information about K-POP
  • Entertainment program information and news

Communicate with you on a variety of topics.

If you are curious about Korea?

If you have additional questions about Korea, please contact me.

I’ll explain from the Korean perspective.

Of course, because I am an individual, my opinion is not the right answer.

Just compare it.

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