Where to watch you quiz on the block featuring BTS?

Hi. I am Korean. I am a BTS fan too. I am not good at English, but I would like to share information about BTS. In this article, I’ll write with the keyword you quiz on the block featuring BTS.

Because I am Korean, I can talk from a different perspective. Now let’s start talking.

There is a content that has recently become an issue. This is something all BTS fans know. The content is that bts is appearing in you quiz on the block.

you quiz on the block is an entertainment program broadcast in Korea. The broadcast is scheduled to start on March 24, 2021.

The broadcast time is 8:40 p.m. Korean time. Many people want to see you quiz on the block with BTS.

Korean fans can watch it comfortably. But how can foreign fans watch?

I will explain how to do that from now on.

quiz on the block featuring BTS

1. Watch you quiz on the block featuring BTS

In Korea, TVN is watching you quiz on the block. Koreans can easily see it at home.

However, if you want to watch in a foreign country, you can use the website.

I will explain how to watch TVN onair right below. First, remember this link.


You can check the content that is broadcast in real time on that site. If you don’t know what it is in Korean, use Chrome.

Chrome will be able to translate into Korean. I also use it by translating English into Korean in Chrome.

If you watch it on the site, you can watch it free for 3 minutes. Membership registration is required to watch for free.

How to register as a TVN onair member will be written later.

2. Another way

This is how you use other sites. There are sites I know. On this site, you can watch TV channels broadcast in Korea for free. Check the site address below.


Go to this site, find tvn and click on it. You can watch various Korean broadcast channels as well as tvn.

TVN onair quiz on the block featuring BTS

3. Unable to connect

If it is not possible to connect with overseas IP. The tvn site may have blocked overseas ip.

In this case, use the Chrome extension. If you use a VPN service, you will be able to connect.

4. Watching recommendation

It is recommended to use the tvn onair site. This is the fastest and most accurate way to see.

If there’s another way, I’ll update this article and continue to share it. It would be good if you spread this article to the BTS fans around you.