NCT 127 Billboard ranked 5th! Korean reaction?

Recently, NCT 127 entered the 5th place on the billboard. So, in Korea, NCT 127 Billboard is popular.

NCT 127 Billboard ranked 5th! Korean reaction?

NCT 127 Billboard ranked 5th

For Korean singers, the billboard was a high wall.

However, due to the popularity of BTS recently, many Korean singers are on the billboard.

This time, They were ranked 5th on the billboard, and a total of 4 teams were on the billboard.

The existing teams on the Billboard are BTS, MONSTA-X, and SUPERM.


They are a unit group under the ‘NCT’ brand of SM Entertainment.

In April of last year, they signed a promotional contract with Capitol Music Group, a famous American music label.

And they have continued their activities in the United States.

NCT 127’s 2nd regular album, ‘N-City # 127 Neo Zone’, released on the 6th, consisted of 13 tracks in a variety of genres, including the title song ‘Hero’, a hip-hop dance song.

Korean reaction

It was strongly recognized that only BTS was a KPOP group.

However, KPOP continues to gain strength as various groups advance into the billboard.

And most of the fans celebrated NCT 127’s advance into the billboard.

I Think

I don’t know how long the popularity of kpop will last.

So, many Korean idol groups must steadily challenge.

And the group that has already entered the billboard should work harder.

Only then can you keep your kpop status.

It is necessary to capture the public with their differentiated characteristics.

Right now, BTS is so popular that I think KPOP is generally good.

New success must be achieved without the influence of BTS. Only then can KPOP develop.

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