BTS HATERS Sued? What happened?

Big Hit Entertainment recently sued BTS HATERS.

A fine sentence was imposed for the HATERS who mocked the group’s BTS and spread false information.

On 30th, agency Big Hit Entertainment said:

Legal response to BTS HATERS


We have filed complaints several times with the investigative agency based on the information collected by fans and their monitoring.

The investigative agency secured the identities of a number of suspects, and some suspects were convicted of fines. Others are under investigation.

Also this year, we filed a complaint based on newly acquired malicious posts. And the investigation agency recently launched a formal investigation.

Despite the existing legal response, we have sued those who continue to act maliciously.

In addition, we will continue to respond regularly and regularly through the reporting of fans and self-monitoring.

So From this year, we plan to shorten the legal response cycle according to internally established procedures to protect artists more strictly.

Lastly, please make an active report to the Big Hit legal account.

Korean reactions

This is also a problem in Korea recently. There are too many slanders against celebrities on the Internet.

They use anonymity to speak harshly to entertainers.

So, recent celebrities tend to respond strongly. In the past, they did not respond because of the celebrity image.

However, even if celebrities respond, these problems do not go away. If they don’t, they seem to continue.

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